Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Snob Twits. Or, welcome to the Snotters on Twitter

Naturally, Madame Arcati is the first to notice snobbish oneupmanship on Twitter (let's call those guilty of it "Snotters"). This is characterised by a huge followers figure and a very low following figure, expressing the huge importance of the followed ego. The trick is to keep the second figure as low as possible as the first grows - the vaster the difference the bigger the cock, so to speak. I must tell Catherine Ostler, she's sure to see this as the New Snobbery or something, but may wilt at the word Snotters.

Worst Snotters on Twitter - the first figure is followers, the second is following:

Al Gore: 116,080 and 2 (and calls himself a Democrat!)
William Shatner: 16,109 and 4 (which planet's he on?)
Jonathan Ross 105,197 and 261 (nothing catchy to say)
Ryan Seacrest: 6,364 and 81 (American pop idle)
Phillip Schofield 73,823 and 589 (too busy protecting Fern)
Jemima Kiss (of the Guardian) 8,013 and 282 (who does she think she is?)

Stephen Fry is at least to be commended for trying: 200,239 and 54,335. Well done, Stephen.

Personally, I think Snotting is the height of bad manners. The Snotter should follow their followers and remember they, too, will be a rotting corpse one day.


Quercusmarner said...

have you looked at the fat fool Chris Moyles?
Following 9 65,882 Followers

Chas Newkey-Burden said...

More fool all the followers.

Jemima Kiss said...

Darling... love your work, etc.

I follow 282 people because that's roughly as many as I can realistically read and respond to. I've tried more, but it makes Twitter unusable. I regularly ditch some and follow others, so there's a steady churn.

More importantly, my Twitter client shows me every @ message sent my way, even if I don't follow that person, so I always listen when people talk to me.

I can promise you I've spent quite some time working out exactly how to manage my Twitter account. It's not realistic to follow 8,700 people - if I could, I would, believe me.

Madame Arcati said...

Thanyou Jemima - I have posted a reply on the main site. x