Friday, February 13, 2009

Pauline Prescott: New Pin-up of the Nancy Boys

Britain's former deputy PM John Prescott (a Gemini) claims on Twitter that his delightful wife Pauline is now a "gay icon". He says he has been reliably informed of this.

Pauline, who has just turned 70 and at her birthday din at a Hull Chinese restaurant received a silk shawl from guest Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao, is certainly the Sphynx of the Lacquered Bouffant: she is a Kate Moss-like mute (and therefore, unsullied) exhibition of a certain brand of feminine aesthetic incorporating its own parody: I can think of a number of entertainers who would kill for such a paradoxical combo. Pauline is There but Not There, Pretty Vacant as a visual, an ornamental, an untouchable, a trophy virgin. Upon such a kohl-edged canvas, many a nancy boy will start to dream of the maquillage (before raiding mummy's vanity case and then graduating to Boots).

I do wish Holly Woodlawn had given me a more substantial interview.


Anonymous said...

what did you expect from someone whose 15 minutes expired 35 years ago?

Madame Arcati said...

I love the Prescotts, much more interesting than the Blairs. And of course, John was the fulcrum of the New Labour adventure. The fulcrum.

Anonymous said...

I meant Holly Woodlawn

Liz said...

I've aspired to be like Pauline since I saw her dressed up to the nines for a spot of gardening, looking like she was off to a wedding.

What style! And never a hair out of place. Was it my imagination that on the same TV show Prezza was asked about Pauline dressing down and he replied: "Pauline doesn't do casual".