Monday, February 23, 2009

Russell Crowe falls out with an entire film fest

What with the Oscars and Razzies both queening it this weekend, the poorly timed Tropfest ("The world's largest short film festival") in Sydney was easily overlooked on Sunday. And I understand that a row between the organiser (John Polson) and Russell Crowe (directed by Polson in Tenderness) may have deprived it of yet more photo ops.

On Tropfest's website you can read: '"This is a cultural experience like I’ve never had," Russell Crowe, Actor, Tropfest Patron and Judge.' But not this year.

So glad Slumdog cleaned up at the Oscars, incidentally.

And on another matter besides (because it's on the TV as I write), of course Jill Dando was murdered by some Serb. The fool who was stitched up can scarcely ride a bicycle. Only brain-washed hacks and corrupt police officers could have thought otherwise.

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