Monday, December 11, 2006

Celebrity book laughs for 2007

Some upcoming books in 2007 - the ones that will be a laugh a minute:

- Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, is talking to Simon & Schuster about a new autobiography in which she will write about her relationship with Diana. I wonder how her "adult novel" is coming along, titled Hartmoor - all about a racy titled person.

- Gloria Estefan is said to be writing a book based on the adventures of her dog Noelle. I'd pay her not to. And I didn't think much of her performance on The X Factor on Saturday. It was clearly pre-recorded and hopelessly mimed. She looked like she'd walked into a sauna.

- John Cleese is working on a history of comedy. From the master.

- Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese are said to be working on a book about their working relationship. No sex then.

- Mel B will dish the dirt on Posh and others in a memoir. I wonder if she will add Eddie Murphy to the list.

- Jennifer Lopez is writing a guide for fellow stars on how to deal with the paparazzi. Pose on sight, I guess.

- Louis Walsh is working on an autobiography. I wonder whether he will title it My Boyzone?

And that's enough preview stuff for now.


Anonymous said...

You did'nt know anything about gloria's career...soo please look for more information, live performances and then say something with sense...49 years (she is not a teenager) and over 70 millions of records is enough reason to say that gloria estefan is one of the best singers (and without any necesity of show her pussy around...) See you!

Saru said...

Just so you know...

Gloria was at the XFactor studios the whole December, 9 afternoon... and can tell 'cause I was outside waiting for her. I didn't see you there though so I don't know why you're so sure about that "clearly pre-recorded" performance.
About her book... it's already released. There are two of them. And they're beautiful, but again you don't know what you're talking about.
I'm not sure what's your problem with Gloria but she's real lovely.

Anonymous said...
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