Monday, December 18, 2006

Matt Lucas gets inverted-commaed

Little Britain star Matt Lucas and partner Kevin McGee were inverted-commaed today following their civil partnership service in London yesterday.

Their inverted-commaing took place in just about every newspaper that covered the event. Examples of inverted commas' use included ‘wed’, ‘wedding’, ‘marriage’. The Guardian however managed to print the word “wed” without inverted commas and the Independent simply referred to their “civil partnership ceremony”. The Mirror avoided the use of inverted commas by the ingenious use of the word “hitched”.

A national newspaper spokesperson for the inverted-commaing of homosexual unions, Mr Ephraim Tufty-Nose, told Arcati: “Yes but no but, the use of inverted commas enables responsible, law-abiding publications to hold the offending article at some distance from readers’ noses so, yeah, and like Matt Lucas is really huge so we wouldn’t wanna appear old-fashioned but y’know it’s not a proper marriage….”

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