Saturday, December 16, 2006

Leona rises as The Sun sets

Leona wins The X Factor! Tremendous result and the start of what will be a great international career. Eight million people voted, she gets a £1m recording contract. One million copies of her single A Moment Like This already pre-bought. So the Christmas No 1 must be hers.

But think of poor old Victoria Newton on The Sun. In yet another misjudged attempt to surf the public wave she backed darling Ray - a likeable teen crooner destined for the West End stage - perhaps in a Sinatra tribute show or something. Tone-deaf Victoria simply doesn't get it. How the once mighty Sun is fallen.


Anonymous said...

Dear `Madame Arcati`,
Re: Leona`s "tremendous result". Really? I would love to know who selected A Moment Like This for the finalists to sing. This song was tailor made for Leona rather than Raymondo so the poor little half pint didn`t stand a chance. What a fix ! Madame Arcati, in your crystal ball you clearly see Leona having "a great international career" ahead of her. However, the jury`s still out as far as I am concerned. We have yet to hear the real Leona. All we have heard so far is a mix `n` match of Mariah and Whitney but looking like a couldron cloning of Babs Streisand and Miss Piggy. She really does need to establish her own vocal identity and with some of her £1m record contract visit a Californian plastic surgeon.
Yours, Phil McCavarti

Arcati said...

My Dear Phil

Thank you for your thoughts on The X Factor. Perhaps Leona did have a head start with A Moment Like This - but she did sing it beautifully. As for Ray he had not one but two stabs at the immortal Sinatra, both songs designed for middle-aged men who've been shooting blanks since way back when. To watch little half pint Ray singing My Way in his nappies - pretending to have lived a long grizzled life over 10,000 shots of bourbon when in fact he probably has even yet to pop his cherry - was stretching credulity a bit.

As for Leona, I think she looks like the clone of Jar Jar Binks and when you've got a mouth that big you should put it to good use (as I'm sure Mr Cowell will be happy to confirm).

Merry Christmas to you and your kin

MA x

Anonymous said...
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