Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Yoko Ono's New Age Today

Guest editors don't always work out well. Remember Giorgio Armani's disastrous stint on the Independent a few months back with his blacked-up Kate Moss cover? It astonished me that other newspapers chose not to publicise the race row this provoked - further evidence of the need for the "media" to find a new locus, a new place with different news values, away from the so-called professionals and their set-template thinking and corrupt inter-linkage with Westminster, multi-nationals and other plutocrat media proprietors.

So Yoko Ono's guest editorship of Radio 4's flagship news show Today this morning was a welcome fantasy. I can't imagine that the pompous grouch John Humphrys would have countenanced the item on the Findhorn New Age community - fortunately he must have been still in bed with his child wife. We learned more of Findhorn's late founder Eileen Caddy and of its spiritual work. I also liked the American legal activists' fight against the erosion of habeas corpus - one of the lawyers quoted said that even Osama bin Laden ought to be preserved the right to question his detention should he ever be caught. Not all is lost in neo-conned America.

Admittedly Ono's feature on a conceptual "light house" in Iceland slightly passed me by - amazing how a septuagenarian can sound like a 13-year-old as she talks of filling the world with love. But for once I didn't find myself yawning through yet another ritualistic, automated, dead, debate between Mr Careerist Left and Mrs Careerist Right with John or Jim or Sarah pretending to be Careerist Neutral.

Do they all know how tired and useless they sound? How bored?

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