Thursday, December 14, 2006

Stephen King: Rare signed copies for charity

As penance (ha ha) for my Stephen King party report which upset so many believers in Santa, allow me to enter the spirit of Christmas (or "Winter" for the know-all fundamentalist secularists) and help promote a Stephen King charity for freelance artists who lose their livelihood through sudden catastrophic accident.

The Haven Foundation is offering from today in VERY limited quantities signed copies of The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (by Stephen King) and John Irving's Until I Find You. Place your order beginning December 14th.

"The majority of mid-list writers, audio readers, and freelancers in the book and publishing industry have little or no financial cushion in the event of a sudden catastrophic accident," writes King. "In the summer of 1999, I was struck by a careless driver and nearly killed while taking my daily walk. It was ten months before I was able to work productively again."

King was lucky. He recovered and can still work. And incidentally, King rarely signs his books so get buying.

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