Sunday, December 10, 2006

What Diana said to James Herbert

Lord Stevens' leaked conclusion that Diana died unaided by assassins (his report's out next Thursday) coincides with a TV show tonight, How Diana Died: The Conspiracy Files - this purports to prove that Dodi's driver was drunk all along. And synchronicity being what it is, I have just caught up with Craig Cabell's biography of the British horror fiction writer James Herbert, Devil In The Dark.

In the book Herbert - currently riding high with his new spooky novel The Secret of Crickley Hall - recounts meeting the princess in 1995 at the royal premiere of the effective chiller movie of his novel, Haunted - it stars Anthony Andrews, Aidan Quinn and Kate Beckinsale. Herbert recalls: "I was introduced to the princess, I said to her: 'You don't mind some horror?' And she replied: 'No, I'm used to it.' And we laughed ...". Two years later she was dead.

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