Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Saddam: Regan misses bio

Saddam Hussein's death is now due. And no sign of OJ Simpson's old publisher Judith Regan to snap up his memoirs before he dangles. What a missed opportunity.


Tony said...

Hi Arcati

I was just saying to an old friend....... what we need right now in our spiritualist churches is a super- bitch clairvoyant !!!. Someone who is adept to uprooting the piss-stained tweed jacket types.

Looks like we have found one in Madam Arcati... Congratulations on your work.

Can you possibly unmask, through your crystal ball, the likely spiritual pathway for Saddam Hussein after his dangle ?


Please link our site to yours at www.spiritvoice.biz/



Arcati said...

My dear Tony

There are plenty of super-bitch clairvoyant(e)s about - some as old as 90+ and still going strong. Give them a slice of lemon drizzle cake and a mug of Darjeeling and they're off.

As for Saddam after death, three things may happen:

1. Nothing.

2. He is reincarnated as a Top Shop window dresser.

3. As penance for his crimes, God makes him the spirit guide of Zsa Zsa Gabor - through her he will experience the true nature of suffering and slowly ascend spiritually.

nsfl said...

It was Zsa Zsa after all who first said that marriage was a question of three rings: "Engagement ring, wedding ring, suffering."

Happy New Year, my dear Madame.

(I have a Robert Graves story - well, it's only a sentence - for you to disbelieve if you'd like to hear it.)

Arcati said...

Nsfl - yes tell me your Robert Graves story, tell me now. Please.

nsfl said...

My parents stayed with him in Deja for part of their honeymoon. This needs, er, "fleshing out", doesn't it? Tell you what, I'm seeing my father tomorrow and will ask him to tell me the story again.

My best wishes again for 2007.


Anonymous said...
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