Friday, February 09, 2007

Duchess of York + Scorsese + Queen Victoria

The news that Fergie, Duchess of York is "co-writing" an historical novel with a woman who used to write Dallas books was splendid enough. Now I learn that Fergie is going to produce a movie about the young Queen Victoria - and her director is ... Martin Scorsese. Yes, he's been signed up by Initial Entertainment Group.

Apparently, Fergie talked IEG boss Graham King (great name in the circs) into the project, shedding light on the youthful Vic who was crowned at a mere 18.

The film's working title is The Young Victoria - hopefully The Ferg will sex that up at some point, though the use of the definite article may resonate with fans of Helen Mirren's The Queen - which is picking up awards aplenty.

"We all think we know Queen Victoria from the latter part of her life, but in fact she was an amazing, dynamic, romantic personality from a very early age that is largely unknown," King told Variety. "I had been searching for a British project for many years, so I am just thrilled to bring her story to life."

So, the woman who brought us Budgie the Helicopter partners the man who made Raging Bull, Taxi Driver and The Last Temptation of Christ. Perhaps Queen Victoria will get to say motherfucker at some point. And who can say that Fergie herself won't appear in a dream sequence cameo as the young Victoria has a premonitory vision of the future of the Royal Family? I mean, anything's possible.


nsfl said...

By coincidence (?), the current Private Eye features a Spectator-style diary by "Joe Eszterhas" in which he documents how he wrote a profanity-filled biopic of Queen Victoria.

Speaking of Craig Brown - any more news about the Tom Bower writ?

Arcati said...

No, I'll ask ...

Anonymous said...

I hate to think.
It's not even going to be real is it? Just more sleeze, perhaps?

Yours delightfully,
another reader

Ms Baroque said...

Come to think of it, Prince Albert - whose name rings a bell round the piercing parlours of Soho - was a bit of a lad. Most likely there must be some skullduggery for Scorsese to get stuck into.