Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Daniel Craig: Better from the Spanish

With the exception of Roger Moore, 007 tends to incarnate in actors with a mighty high opinion of themselves - so Daniel Craig's boorish conduct at the tiresome Baftas last night was no great surprise. I shall confess that if the Kathy Bates lookalike Johann Hari had come up to me and complimented me on my lunchbox I, too, may have been irritated - one hopes that one's admirers are at least fuckable - but to be churlish with the darling Dame Judi Dench - who offered commiseration in their joint failure to win an award - was most ungracious.

Craig has yet to say or do anything that interests me in the slightest: a taut sphincter is a very common attribute in English actors and really ought not to be encouraged. I have neither read nor heard anything that could possibly raise him in my opinion. But I shall say this: if you auto-translate part of his Wikipedia entry from the Spanish, the result is fascinating:

Craig, of 38 years and first 007 agent blonde, managed to defy to the critical and more traditional fanatics of Bond than him considered somewhat coarse for the personage, and was able to be praised by their protagónico roll in “Royale Casino”, where he appears very in a fit suit of bath and showing a worked body in the gymnasium.

According to a survey, commissioner by the company of Profhylactics Durex Play, that entrevistó to 4,000 British, Craig is the man more “sexy of the world”.
By his interpretation of James Bond at the beginning of 2007 he was name to prize BAFTA, equivalent Briton of the Oscar, in the category of better actor in a protagónico paper. He obtained that no of the actors who have incarnated to the personage in the 44 years of history of the tax exemption, had obtained.

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Susan Hill said...

Ha. What`s the Spanish for wooden ?