Friday, February 23, 2007

The Oscars! Arcati exclusives!

Alas, I can't be at the Oscars this year but my reporter slave Nikita Tiggy-Haslam has filed something for general usage:

Thank you thank you, frocks, Clooney, Mirren, regal, And the winner is ..., Academy, Posh, thin, Size Zero, Swank, Clint, I kinda, anti-war films, Little Miss Sunshine, dark horse, paparazzi, This way Posh, Crowe, asshole, Babel, Dame Judi, Dame Helen, Peter O'Toole!, At his age!, Leo Leo Leo (I'm not disappointed), The Queen, statuettes, Amin the mood, Amin the cannibal, I kinda, Amin the Forest Whitaker, Dreamgirls, Miss Ross, I wanted to explore, Cruz can act (at last), This is for, Hudson, who?, Simon Cowell's reject, United 93, gruelling, over-long, crowds gathered, like, like, like, long speech, short speech, boo-hoo, Scorsese, short arse, Wahlberg, flashlight, My Mother!, red carpet, Tinseltown, Frears, CIA, 24 categories, Turning Japanese, blood diamonds, Britney, drug residue in hair, so shaved head, no diamonds this year, Valentino, Oh thank you, Oh my god, I'm not prepared, Fuck Bush, Posh, thin, Size Zero, Vanity Fair party, Elton John's party, clipboard nazis, Posh styles TomKat, I made this for ...., dead cert, I did this for my country and my Queen, blood diamonds, conflict diamonds, the glitz, I am so honoured, thank you thank you ...

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