Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Lord Black joke

A site that thinks Lord Black is the Jesus of capitalism has popped up (click this link). It requests the support of all those who (though they may think him a corrupt, grandiloquent fool whose over-active cock led him to the grasping, acquisitive Barbara Amiel) think he should be exonerated.

The odd people behind this campaign wish to express their "grateful and long overdue acknowledgement of His Lordship's life's struggle to confront, with unflagging courage, the Brobdingnagian forces of Canadian small-mindedness, parochialism, mediocrity and failure." This leads me to think that these crusaders are far-right losers who have in various RSVP'd ways succumbed to Black's pungent VIP ass gas. They've even chartered an aircraft to Toronto to attend his "show trial" in March. I hope someone's calculating the Black carbon trail.

Madame Arcati has of course sent this heart-warming message to the site:

It will be most unfortunate if Lord Black goes down because of the circumstances behind the purchase and installation of a very expensive loo on his company jet. What a sad thing to be remembered for. His contribution to the sales of dictionaries alone should be regarded at the very least as a mitigating factor.

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