Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Elton, Hollywood, porn and the drag queens

In conversation the other day with gay “power bottom” porn star Dean Monroe (whose oeuvre includes such delights as The Raspberry Reich and Black Balled 5: Star Fucker, according to movie database site, he mentions one of his films in particular, Heaven To Hell, made in 2005 and directed by the gay hardcore porn helms-person and infamous drag queen, Chi Chi LaRue (born Larry David Paciotti).

Anyway, the cineastes among you will be spared a deconstruction of Heaven To Hell, save to say it features an angel de-flowered and de-feathered by demon studs. What actually interested me was Dean’s little slip: “The guy who did the sets [for the movie] does Elton John’s sets for his Oscars annual party ….”

This is the exotic event designer Bradley Picklesimer. And he did indeed help create the spectacle that was Elton's 14th Academy Awards party last February at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood: high wattage guests such as George Lucas, the Osbournes, Donatella Versace and Prince were treated to a mise-en-scene of Bradley's black and white brought to a climax by touches of fuchsia here and there. It certainly upstaged the rival Vanity Fair Oscars do.

Like Chi Chi, Bradley is a professional drag queen and a well-known sight at Hollywood A-list parties: the pair turn up together in their spangly frocks and mountainous wigs and 8" spikes and milk the photo ops. Chi Chi recently wrote on her blog:

Hey everybody, how was your week? Oh mine was great, thanks for asking!! It started kinda slow, I took in a couple of movies with my pal Bradley Picklesimer. I saw The Devil Wears Prada for the 2nd time, Pirates of the Caribbean and Strangers with Candy. They were all good. Monday, my gal pal CoCo LaChine came to town with Her Pal Christina and the 3 of us went to dinner and chatted about drag, pageants and piss, yes I said piss!!

How delightful. Anyway, the point of all this is of a personal kind: I am always fascinated by connections and it tickles me that Hollywood high style is currently presided over by the aesthetics of hardcore gay porn.


dinu said...

I can't help feeling a strong smell of unconfessed homophobia in Arcati's comments about "power bottom" and "infamous drag queens". But I'm sure I'm prejudiced, of course.

Arcati said...

"Power bottom" is what Dean says he is - in his latest film, he tells me, 8 black men do his botty - I must do a medical report on porn stars - and Chi Chi would be most insulted not to be thought of as "infamous" or as a "drag queen". Try to keep up, Dinu.

dinu said...

Oh, I see. Clever defence indeed. Too bad you didn't find it necessary to show visible clues of this "second degree" in your article.

Arcati said...

Sadly, Dinu, you are tone hard of hearing

dinu said...

It depends upon which of my 'instruments' you're playing :-).