Saturday, May 26, 2007

Skinny Bitch: Dosh from Posh

This appeals to my sense of humour. A hitherto obscure diet book, Skinny Bitch, turns into a global phenomenon because it is pictured, once, in the grip of Victoria Beckham as she promenades about the US for a £10m NBC fly-on-the-wall TV show. As I write, sales of the book have shot up 37,000% since.

Victoria - or Posh - wrote a rather good autobiography which sold about 500,000 copies a few years back. It's not generally known that it was actually written for her, but never mind. Her smart ghost - whose name sounds like a fizzy drink - told me that Posh is genuinely witty and generous. Two little adjectives like that turned me into a passive fan of Her Ubiquity. Posh once notoriously admitted she'd never read a book in her life. Now she is the ignition for a "literary" firestorm. Life works best in paradox, I find.

Inadvertently, she may also have given birth to a new form of book promotion: the getting of paparazzi favourites to carry titles in public places. As a fad it could take over from celeb adoption. Just imagine: Caprice with a copy of Clive James' Cultural Amnesia in her paws. I suspect she'd be more the beneficiary of the trade-off, for the shock value if nothing else. Caprice reads Clive! Poor Clive.

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