Monday, May 21, 2007

Cannes can't do that internet thingy

Second week into Cannes and I see the festival website still cannot show latest slideshow pics or videos – how utterly pathetic. This more than anything demonstrates the ongoing failure of the film world’s premier event to come to terms with the internet, still more comfortable with inkies and their ancient historical status obsessions.

For a real laugh, sample Cannes’ official blog - read, if you can stay awake, some desultory entries, one featuring the “Cannes Cam” (a camera focused on the red carpet up to the Palais – fascinating), no comments, no goss, nuffink.

Latest entry reads: “So, people waiting to get into tonite's 'midnite movie' - the concert film 'U2 3D' were pretty awed to see the band not only walking up the red carpet, but then taking their instruments and starting to play! Overall, a very nice 'birthday suprise' for Festival's 60th anniversay [sic].”

Mmmmmm, my clit's not twitching.


Anonymous said...

You old metronome you

Anonymous said...

Perez Hilton is a goddamn gay homophobe, that's why Arcati loves him so much.
Where the hell is Spacey confessing anything here? Any high-profile actor or actress who's being harassed by the media could make such statements. Moreover, the quote is out of context. It means absolutely nothing.