Thursday, May 03, 2007

Arcati in the Daily Mail

My frenemies will be delighted to learn that the Daily Mail mentions the Madame Arcati blog in a piece on Molly Parkin today (p57). It's by Moll's daughter Sophie. "How many grandmothers of 75 discuss their sex lives openly in public, in full, glorious Technicolor detail?" she asks, before illuminating Mail readers on what will now be familiar to Arcatists.

Sophie first became aware of Moll's recent anecdotes when she opened the Daily Express and read a few titbits from Arcati in its entertaining gossip column, Day & Night, edited by Kathryn Spencer - the best thing in that paper it must be said. Arcati was name-checked there, too. So, a perfect synergy of print and blogging through the medium of Arcati.

To read Sophie's piece click here.

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