Thursday, May 24, 2007

Barrymore, Seagrove, Pinter and the missus

Such a delightful dinner at The Ivy to celebrate my birthday - naturally I had one of the better tables from which to observe the various nonentities currently posing as footballers, reality TV stars and sundry shagees.

Michael Barrymore popped over to say hello - looking alarmingly youthful it must be said on his Diet Coke. He dined with skeletal Jenny Seagrove - just how pop-eyed can she get? - and her partner theatre impresario Bill Kenwright. She spent most of the evening saying "But you must ..." at Michael. I assume that he's planning a stage show of some sort. He really must put his misfortunes behind him and ignore the right-wing nutters who have hijacked the Stuart Lubbock non-cause.

Harold Pinter ambled by with his walking stick and wife Antonia Fraser in tow. For a moment I thought I was in Worthing.


Lavinia said...

Yes, but what did you have to eat, dear?

Arcati said...

Well, Lavinia, my treasure, I started with a Caesar Salad - nicely done, but I like my croutons on the small side and impregnated with a subtlety of garlic. This was followed by ... Shepherd's Pie. It was delicious: a sculture of thin baked mash crowned the mince: in parts it was quite crispy and melted in the mouth. And a side order of my trademark runner beans, al dente. To drink I ordered a bottle of Rioja Reserva, something heavy bodied to discourage bingeing; quite expensive I thought at £33. My companion had a main course of salmon fish cakes - I highly recommend. Bill about £140.

Duralex said...

<< My companion had a main course of... >>

Your companion ? What kind of companion ? I'm jealous ! ;-)

Arcati said...

A sweet Aquarian. All my best friends carry the water jug.