Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Katie Price - who is she precisely?

Anxious to discover what perfumistas think of Katie Price’s new scent Stunning, I go to one of my favourite websites Now Smell This, and am shocked to read the following of Katie – “UK readers will have to help out those of us in the US: does this person actually qualify as a celebrity? I've never heard of her.” Can this be right? According to the UK tabs, she and Peter are upstaging Posh and Becks in the US with their TV reality show – plainly lies, all lies.

So, some UK-sters try to educate Now Smell This on Katie Price/Jordan/ whatever. “She's famous for her prodigious chestage,” writes one. Another: “She married the perfect match - Peter Andre famously had a 'muscly' chest generated by transplanting fat from his legs into his pecs! I imagine her to smell of rubber.” “She and Peter recently had their second child together (Princess Tiaamii) and the pregnancy was filmed and broadcast as a series. Here's their website,” writes a third.

The Now Smell This person is unimpressed: “Thanks for the scoop! We have plenty of trashy celebs here, but ‘topless model in the daily newspapers’ is not a phrase that resonates in the US. And I could be wrong, but don't think the Beckhams are having much success capturing attention here yet? Some celeb watcher in the US will need to comment if I'm entirely mistaken."

And yet the Sun reports today “Becks is a US TV hit”. Not another exaggeration, surely? Still, when Katie has her vagina-tightening procedure on TV - post the five or six more kids promised - that should awaken Now Smell This to this unstoppable phenomenon (who's planning a breast reduction for later this year, I hear).

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