Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bill Clinton - money money yum yum

Two tickets to listen to Bill Clinton’s lecture "Embracing our Common Humanity” at The 02 on August 14 - £1,785.78 inclusive of VAT. Cheap seats for two - £500.

Humanity fans who attend this performance in blather about globalisation, etc, should be reminded that Bill earned $10.2m from his speeches alone in 2006 and $7.5m in 2005. He made a staggering $450,000 for a single September speech in London, at a Fortune Forum event.

From 2001 to 2005 he made about $30m from his speeches. He does contribute to the $60m pa running costs of his charitable William J Clinton Foundation dedicated to fighting Aids and world hunger – exactly how much he refuses to disclose, but the annual figure is said to be “several millions”.

Meanwhile – how not to blog at the Hillary Clinton site.

More about Bill’s charitable work at his foundation.

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Duralex said...

You could also tell us about the use the Bush family makes of their (honestly earned, of course) money.

Wasn't Bush's grandfather Hitler's banker ?