Saturday, August 25, 2007

Carmen Callil's married lover named

A charming person has written to me apropos Carmen Callil, founder of feminist publishers Virago:

Dear Madame

Something that might be of interest to you.

From today's Guardian: "Her mother couldn't quite work out what she'd produced in Callil. She despaired of her daughter's relationship with the married man, whose identity Callil has never revealed beyond his initials; Bad Faith is dedicated to him, PBH. Did he know how unhappy he'd made her? "Yes. And when he did, he made up for it. He was a good man. Lovely man. Usual human flaws."

Guardian Books interview [click here].

Paul Hamlyn (12 February 1926 – 31 August 2001) was a German-born British publisher and philanthropist. He was born Paul Bertrand Wolfgang Hamburger in Berlin in 1926 and moved to London with his Jewish emigrĂ© family in 1933.

Best wishes

(I shall add the writer's name if he wishes me to - just email me privately.)

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