Friday, August 10, 2007

Paula Hamilton strips and fucks up

"Former supermodel" Paula Hamilton made a wonderful fool of herself on This Morning today. After telling viewers she had "fucked up" her life in the past - ("I am sorry for my profanities," she said at the end of the interview) she proceeded to tell her public that she is a "brilliant actress" and would be a "fantastic model" again if only she could get a body transplant.

She claimed to suffer from dyspraxia, which has something to do with learning difficulties, and this she thinks may account for "why my brain is different ... creative people, entrepreneurs, geniuses, can have this problem." She's such a genius that she had to go all the way to New Zealand to study entrepreneurship - something that may interest Duncan Fallowell whose book on the country is out next year. Is boasting a symptom of dyspraxia?

Then a clip was shown of her stripping naked as a judge on Living's Britain's Next Top Model - it was so unrehearsed the cameraman didn't know where to turn except linger his lens on her arse. She claims she did this for the benefit of a tyro female model. "No, you didn't," said the youngster. "You did it for you." An excellent piece of insight into a troubled, booze-addled egotist, and not what you expect to find on an otherwise inane TV show.

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Anonymous said...

I grew up watching that iconic Volkswagen ad - and - like all the other young boys on the council estate in Belfast where I lived - fancying that stunning babe Paula Hamilton. She was my fantasy girlfriend. She's still one sexy gorgeous babe - although she sadly fell towards bad habits. I was madly in love with her as a kid and still am now - although that smitten seven - year - old Belfast boy is now a fully grown man of 24 - and who still lives on the estate. Paula - you're still gorgeous. Love - Tommy McIlroy - a lovestruck Northern Irish fan.