Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Sun - duped by Jaws man

"A photograph appearing to confirm that a great white shark was lurking in waters just off Britain was today exposed as a fake," reports the Guardian. "The man who took the picture, which was featured prominently in the Sun, admitted he had snapped the creature during a fishing trip in South Africa rather than off Newquay, northern Cornwall." The man works for a Cornwall nightclub, for heaven's sake - low life, low life.

As I revealed the other day - I'm surprised Rebekah Wade didn't phone me for a quote herself - the sea god Poseidon told me that the great white the Sun has championed for sales purposes is nothing more than a basking shark. The paper should offer to reimburse anyone who was duped into buying a copy of the paper because of the "Jaws" fiction.

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Anonymous said...

Why would they fall for such a stupid stunt? Every year it is claimed that there are great whites off cornwall - it is a silly season hardy annual..... Surely someone groaned when the story was announced in conference?