Monday, August 13, 2007

Stefano Hatfield: When's he going to clean up?

London Mayor Ken Livingstone was recently asked [Freesheet litter, Question No: 1562/2007] by a Mike Tuffrey: "When you met with Stefano Hatfield, editor of [Murdoch-owned] The London Paper [they had lunch], on June 14, what commitments did you obtain in relation to the paper paying the full cost of cleaning up the litter it creates on London’s streets and transport network, or are you happy that News International continues to profit from pollution?"

While we await an answer, I just love the Sky dp spread ad in Vanity Fair with the word "eco-warrior" emblazoned over a pic of a sleeping man. It's promoting the commendable environmental friendliness of Murdoch's Sky+ and HD boxes. Let us hope that Livingstone can turn Hatfield into a Murdoch-approved eco-warrior who does not add to the suffocation of the metropolis with his tons of unread and unnecessary freebie newspaper litter.


Anonymous said...

What's the situation with Associated? Do they pay to clean up their London Shites and Metros?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where Charlotte Hatfield is working these days? I've love to get in contact with her.