Thursday, March 12, 2009

Alas, Lewis grows bored with Twitter

Yes, it's true. What a fickle fellow Lewis, editor-in-chief of the Telegraph Media Group, is; though his loyalty to aspiring comic terrorist fiction writer Jasper Gerard is a thing of wonder, despite, well, I don't want to introduce unpleasantness.

On March 1 he announced on Twitter: "Talking about twitter at a lunch party and showing people how it works." And that's the last we've heard from him (as I write). How did the lunch party go? Or were soup bowls filled with insensate heads as the Twitterer tweeted?

How far away now are the days of his early bright enthusiasm.

Why, back on January 31, 2009 (but AD) he wrote not one, not five, not seven, not even 11 messages to his public, but 14! The poppet's priapic Twitter digit must have grown raw with it all that prodding. Before March 1, there was a rush of excitement on Valentine's Day as he pursued his heart's desire in Paris, President Sarkozy. And then on February 28 he signalled his transit status between Paris and London, not of course just to make us jealous.

I had grown alarmed by's tendency to trail off when he started Twittering the results from the Baftas a few hours ahead of the media embargo. Then about halfway through the awards ceremony he seemed to go silent - I had hoped for further colour and perhaps after-show party goss which I could then lift as my own work, as certain Twitter diarists are wont to do. I felt cruelly tossed away, like any old veteran Telegraph hack.

How quickly these modern communications novelties pass away. Next.


forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...

yes, Twitter was a disappointment..who really reads that stuff? I find that life is too short to read the travels of Gulliver and his cohort...cruising across the country collecting their dollars (yes, I am speaking of a certain BJ M********)all for the good of cancer... (all diligently written in a ledger to keep things legal..!) what a crock !! now that is a true ego seeking attention bored WASP...much like my fan anonymous..I enjoy your madness is getting so silly...calm down, it only amuses me to observe you are deteriorating twit(ter)!

Anonymous said... Stephanie hearing voices?