Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nicholas de Jongh and his Standard departure

It is tragic news that Nicholas de Jongh, theatre critic of the little-read regional newspaper, the London Evening Standard for 17 years, is leaving the paper to spend more time with the film script of his John Gielgud cottaging cock-pulling stage play Plague Over England (see my incomparable review of the play via labels, you idle glancing bitches).

I must have imagined that Geordie Grieg or is it Grieg? (who knows or cares?), doomed and über-pompous editor of same (he loves his über), had generously offered to cut his fee prior to this announcement. De Jongh was most gracious about über-Grieg/Greig, alluding to his courtier quality inherited from a relative who grovelled before a king a long time ago and beyond first-hand memory. Amazing what passes down via the DNA and is then edged with the gilt of eugenics puffery, even if light-heartedly.

The Standard has now lost Brian Sewell, its arts editor and others of seniority and talent. I do hope film critic Derek Malcolm is safe. It doesn't pay to have talent or longevity at the Daily Über right now.


Anonymous said...

I hope this guy isn't a one-hit wonder. They say don't give up the day job, don't they? You seem to suggest that he jumped before he was pushed? Or maybe he was pushed and they allowed him the fig-leaf. Does one ever get to the bottom of Georgie Greig?

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who was busted "cottaging" many years ago in a public facility in Streatham.

He was reported to police by an angry gentleman whose advances he had rejected after servicing several others.

Imagine his horror when he opened the local rag that week and saw the tale of his arrest headed : Cottage Spice !

x veritas