Tuesday, March 03, 2009

William Cash: Has Vanessa buggered orf?

Is it true that Dr Vanessa Neumann has taken her leave of her husband William Cash's society? An Arcatiste makes this claim, but since I have stopped reading publications that deify the rich or run anecdotes about dull people who happen to be loaded, I do not know if this true or public knowledge.

In one of the last pieces that I read of William's in ES, he had revealed tensions in his marriage, one brought on by his blowing up his vintage car by failing to replenish it with oil or petrol. He also appeared to have seen the light on wealth, eschewing his once infamous craven fascination for the glamour of money; though whether this was empathetically precipitated by the fashionable credit crunch and the new unemployment of his many friends is hard to say.

It's always difficult to know whether people mean what they write.


Anonymous said...

I believe it was in the Mail on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

daily mail. cash sold it to richard kay.

Madame Arcati said...

I wonder how much Kay paid. What a sorry indictment on modern marriage (to heiresses).

Anonymous said...

Did you hear about William Cash's latest troubles: he is out of cash! Oh, the irony.

From the ES: "Where's the Cash, William?

Spear's magazine is owned by William Cash, son of Europhobe Tory MP, Bill Cash.

Aimed at “high-net worth individuals” it boasts a plethora of luxury advertisers and subscribers from the world of hedge funds and banking.

In short, it is aimed at extremely rich punters. But pity the poor contributors toiling at the coal face. Several writers complain they haven't been paid for months.

Previously one contributor, fed up with the weeks of waiting, used to go and plonk himself in reception until a cheque materialised. Come on, William, where's the cash?"

Madame Arcati said...

How distressing, I suppose I'd better post something ...