Thursday, March 05, 2009

Attitude's Matthew Todd seeks Cheese Scones

I assume that Matthew Todd, editor of Attitude since last year, placed this entry on MySpace before his giddy ascension:

"Who I'd like to meet: Someone to start a band with. I know a trillion and one muso industry people through work including a couple of very famous producers who said they'd be interested to hear anything I come up with. Wanna start an electro dance pop thang - kinda Pet Shop Boys meets Goldfrapp meets KLF. I sing and write lyrics so looking for a keyboardist/programmer/melody person. Get in touch. Or someone to be my boyfriend, move me to Cornwall/New York and feed me Cheese Scones all day long. Fuck off anyone from Attitude. (Xxxxx) "

Not exactly Anna Wintour, is it?

(My thanks to the naughty boy who drew this to my attention)


Anonymous said...

MA darling, how cute is this post! Is this the kind of thing that gives you growing pains when it happens?

Oh, what would I give to be a fly in the wall at their next staff meeting. They should serve tea and cheese scones, have those words splattered in every wall and everyone should go into the meeting room wearing a big sign on their chest with the words “fuck…ME!” written on it.

I’m thinking it is possible he had applied for a job at Attitude in those days, got rejected the first time and wrote that out of resentment. Maybe there is a great superhero kind of story about him thinking: you’ll see, one day I’ll become the editor and change all about that magazine! Ha!

What do you suppose he likes so much about Cornwall/New York?

The late Dr Evil said...

I suppose Matt forgot his login and now his indiscretion is there for all eternity. I shall remove it for ... ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS.

Madame Arcati said...

Dear Anon, I am beyond growing pains but sometimes suffer shrinkage neuralgia brought on by the slowing down of my person as a reminder of mortality. My understanding from Matthew's CV is that he worked for Attitude (or Altitude as I prefer to call it) long before it was founded. Attitude is his My Way, his I Will Survive. Let's hope the mag can survive all the fashionable closing down excuses. I must read it sometime.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, I guess I miswrote aaagaaain. I meant Matthew Todd. This is what happens when I try to make it short, I don’t explain myself properly; is this better?
Do you suppose this the kind of thing that gives people growing pains when it happens? I meant that he has learned a lesson the hard way… I hope he is taking it like a man and laughing it off already.

If, as you say, he was already working at the magazine, then more power to him. There were people making him frustrated but he persevered got to the top (or that top) and showed them all, good!

As to your neuralgia, do you have rheumatism signs also? It’s a pity we’re so far apart, my loved ones would kill for one of my famous rubdowns… (I mean they are very good. Did I explain it right?)
Love you.

Anonymous said...

"Fuck off anyone from Attitude."

Well said. They owe so much money and never cough up. Amateurish crooks.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'd heard they can be very slow to pay. I think it's only a matter of time before they close or go online only like AXM. But really, in this day and age, do we need a magazine targeted at young, gay men ?

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