Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Jemima Kiss defends herself against a brutal Madame Arcati attack

I recently bitched about snobbish Twitterers who show off by maintaining a low Following figure despite a huge Followers value - implying a galaxy whose star ego is at the core of the spiral flailing arms of frickin fans. One such I named is Jemima Kiss, a busy and gifted writer on The Guardian who has quite a following among the young intelligentsia, and Girls Aloud. She has replied...

Dear Madame,
Darling ... love your work, etc. I follow 282 people because that's roughly as many as I can realistically read and respond to. I've tried more, but it makes Twitter unusable. I regularly ditch some and follow others, so there's a steady churn. More importantly, my Twitter client shows me every @ message sent my way, even if I don't follow that person, so I always listen when people talk to me. I can promise you I've spent quite some time working out exactly how to manage my Twitter account. It's not realistic to follow 8,700 people - if I could, I would, believe me.
Jemima Kiss, The Guardian
Jemima's website

Dear Jemima,
Thank you poppet - but what torture. How I wonder does Stephen Fry follow over 50,000-plus supplicants on Twitter? Or is he just being polite? And how fickle and brutal of you to drop members of your Followed tribe - do you imagine people take offence when they see a luminary such as yourself withdraw behind a cloud, perhaps yawning? Febrile stalking may be activated by much less. But anyway, you're forgiven.
MA x


Jemima Kiss said...

Well I do follow quite a few Valley types, and I doubt they'd notice if I drop off their radar, or vice versa.

I'm probably committing geek heresy here, but I don't much care for Stephen Fry's habit of 'following' tens of thousands of people because it's simply not humanly possible to read all those messages. That said, I don't really think it's helpful to try and cement rules about these things when it's still early days.

The fascinating thing about Twitter (that is missed by all those 'so what is Twitter?' pieces) is the behaviour and communication trend it is encouraging, not the company or platform itself. But I'll save those brain rumblings for a post sometime...


Anonymous said...

Is Kiss her real name. I can't imagine anyone called Kiss by birth. Perhaps her real name is Everard or Longshanks. Jemima Longshanks - has a ring to it.

Anonymous said...

It is her real name. But it's pronounced 'Kith'.

Liz said...

I've only just got around to mastering Facebook, Twitter is a bit advanced for me.

What sort of future does MA foresee for the newspaper industry?

Special reference to those talented snippers of doggerel (subs) please.

Madame Arcati said...
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Madame Arcati said...

Twitter is the simplest thing, easier than Facebook, and a waste of time in my opinion. It's just a celeb fad. Phillip Schofield has already lost interest, the cunt.

As for the future of newspapers, that depends on getting rid of cunts. So many of them about.