Saturday, March 21, 2009

Women's Wear Daily, Veritas and the dead girl at Studio 54

In my recent interview with Veritas (click labels to read), he alluded to a tragic moment at Studio 54 when a girl who sat beside his wife died of an overdose. Women's Wear Daily took a pic (now discovered) and then placed it in their Out column, unaware of the condition of the girl (left).

Relevant extract from the interview: "Peter Allen (Liza Minnelli's ex) was a great friend and took me to a New Year’s Eve party at Studio 54 in New York (he was a huge star in the US). We were sitting in a booth with a group of friends - Andy Warhol, Diana Ross, etc. A girl came up and slumped against my then wife who was applying eyeliner. We were all covered in glitter that was an inch thick on the floor. Suddenly cameras started flashing and Peter said, 'Quick move away.' The poor girl was dead from an overdose (one of 2 that night). 'You don’t want to spend all night at a police station,' said Peter. A month later Women’s Wear Daily did a front page feature on what was In and Out. They said staying home watching telly was in and going out was out! Illustrating this was a big photo of my wife in a hot pink dress putting on make-up whilst slumped on her shoulder is this dead girl. 'Out' was right!"

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forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...

One of my most consummate collegiate memories, was an Art History class assignment. he told us to contrast a 20th century event or theme with a classical art painting...I chose "The Garden of Earthly Delights". Hieronymus Bosch’s epic painting (c1503-4) and the famous "club" Studio 54. Veritas's recollection of that evening is a magnificent example of the supernatural, mystical theme of heaven and hell. Like Bosch's Tryptech, it transcended color and debauchery, combining over 1000 figures in cavorted sexual positions.. (minus the glittering Disco ball) Yes, it was a sad event that Veritas depicted, yet I was "delighted" to finally be privy to an actual photo of this topic ... the placement of the bodies and the use of color were luminous, and as an artist, it tickled my imagination and yet was a bit too real and terrifying..what an interesting juxtaposition...Bosch's fantastical masterpiece has truly been brought to life at the historic Studio 54...I applaud you Veritas, for actually having the foresight to remember this incident given the backdrop and baccalanalia descent into madness, via the heavenly scent of sadistic decadence... Ruskin (the pompus art critic) might have had quite a "ball" with the scrutiny of this actual event...