Sunday, October 07, 2007

Gordon 'Pringles' Brown - just obeying his stars

Gordon Brown's decision not to call a general election will have come as no surprise to the wise. As I pointed out in July, there is nothing in Old Moore's Almanack (follow labels to the piece) to suggest that the PM would go to the country for a top up in 2007. It foresaw a happy August for the government, as old values were re-asserted (ie messages of same, not actually) - and certainly Brown had a splendid micro-honeymoon - but that by November, Labour would be in trouble: the present trend appears to confirm this. Next year will be fairly miserable for Brown - with four of his planets in secretive Pisces he was never going to be a happy PM - so he would be well advised to hang on in there till 2010. I shall await Old Moore's 2009 predictions with interest.

On another matter, I understand from Holy Moly that Brown's cock is a Pringles-sized tube crowned with a bull's heart - or something like that. Someone in Brown's gym has reported this news. Perhaps then the PM should spend more time in bed putting his assets to good use instead of control-freaking all over the place in remorseless obedience to the vain, godless work ethic. It's just another form of hubris.

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