Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mandrake wrongly bashes the bishop

Dear Madame Arcati

Long time lurker on your site here and I love it. Could you, if you choose to write about this, possibly not mention my name?

On Sunday, in the accident prone and hyperbole loving Sunday Telegraph Mandrake column, Tim Walker and Richard Eden get all hot under the collar about the Bishop of Liverpool claiming on his website to be a fellow of the Royal Society (for Scientists). They seem to imply, by saying a spokesman insists 'there is nothing sinister' going on, that there is something sinister afoot. False credentials and so on. (Something, incidentally, the Mandrake editor knows all about).

If only they'd read the Guardian diary earlier in the week, they'd have known that the Bishop's website people made a typing mistake and meant the Royal Society of Arts.

Another of this week's Mandrake stories is quotations from someone who didn't get onto The X Factor. Impressive stuff all round.

Keep up the excellent work,

[Name withheld]

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