Friday, March 07, 2008

Felix Dennis: 'I spent $100m on whores and drugs'

Sensational video interview by Rob McGibbon with the God of Debauch (and magazine publisher) Felix Dennis on Access Interviews. When Dennis is not confessing to unloading $100m on whores and drugs over 12 years he's slagging off the movie Hippie Hippie Shake (out this year), starring Sienna Miller, supposedly about the hedonistic times of those (including Dennis) involved in the Oz magazine trial. I love his comment about Working Title that's made the movie - it trades on being a credible indie studio but is ultimately owned by General Electric - and accuses co-founder of the studio Tim Bevan of "selling out". What should Germaine Greer not have been doing in 1971 ("I have the photograph - ha ha ha")? View here.

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iknowsomethingyoudontknow said...

Miss Greer, 1971 - was that when she posed for the notorious non-pornographic, pornographic photo.