Monday, March 31, 2008

Jeffrey Archer - 'Ken Livingstone will win ...'

Jeffrey Archer thinks Ken Livingstone will win the London mayoral race "by a whisker" even though Boris Johnson is 10 points ahead in the latest YouGov poll. "He's the best political operator I have ever known," Archer tells Rob McGibbon of Livingstone in a video chat for Access Interviews. Will Ken resort to dirty tricks? "Oh yes," says Archer. "In the next few weeks ... " How fascinating. But Archer should know as a master of dirty tricks himself.

Archer may very well be the best London mayor we never had - he was thwarted by a little criminal matter some eight years ago - and he reveals Ken's biggest mistake in office. "He should have gone to New York straight after 9/11 to show Americans we care - it would have brought the American tourists into London! We missed a chance." Isn't that a bit cynical, suggests Rob, riding on the crest of such a cataclysm? "Yes! But that's what mayors must do ... " Only Archer could make Ken seem, um, palatable. To see the interview click here.


Frances said...

Well - they do call him the master storyteller after all. Let us hope that even Archer can't weave a million seller out of this one and that London gets rid of the odious Livinstone once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Has Boris realised how much work he will have to do as Mayor ? He's never really had a tedious, slogging type job has he ?

Anonymous said...

I don't think you can call anyone jailed for perjury a master storyteller.