Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Sarkozys: The new face of nuclear power

While the media focus on President Sarkozy's stacked heels and Carla's likeness to Jackie O (such a lovely pillbox hat) the real reason for their visit emerges: to export France's nuclear energy capabilities to the UK, now that it's been decided by Gordon Brown (and Blair before him) that nuclear is the 21st Century answer to carbon. Does the government have a people's mandate for this? I don't think so. Nuclear power provides 80% of France's energy needs - quite what happens to all the waste is not known because of a national security decree. For more click here.

Meanwhile, back to Carla's Dior suit ...

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Ms Baroque said...

Chere Mme A, as we say nowadays, I think you have hit on something here. I've linked to a panegyric over at Baroque Mansions, and you'll see I came good on the Barnes front, too - oh no, that sounds all wrong... But actually, unthinkable! Phew. A narrow escape.