Friday, March 07, 2008

Anthony Blond - the Marks & Sparks sea Venus

Dear Madame,

I thought the following might amuse you.

Your devoted reader.

Anthony Blond, the publisher and son of a manufacturer of underwear for Marks & Spencer, who sadly died recently, was an unwelcome house guest of a late friend of mine at his summer house on Fire Island. Blond arrived in a seaplane wearing a white suit, accompanied by a pimpled male youth. Blond stepped out onto the seaplane’s float, fell off the float face down into the sea. He emerged from the sea like Venus. Without missing a beat he said, “These Marks & Spencer shrink-proof suits are really wonderful, aren’t they?”

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Peter A said...

Madame -

Your Devoted Reader's friend must have been a pretty dull chap if he regarded Anthony Blond as an unwelcome guest. Wherever he went, Anthony brought laughter, fun and a wonderful sense of wickedness and mischief.