Friday, March 07, 2008

'Newspaper blogs are worthless'

Dear Madame Arcati

A friend of mine recently left a message on Ben Brogan's Daily Mail blog pointing out that journalists ought to ring the people they write about to check stories. The point is that Brogan and co don't do basic journalism, and they ought to, when they're blogging rather than reporting for the print papers. Needless to say this didn't get put up (it went to Brogan himself for approval, if the Mail still employs the blogging structure it used to). If you look at Brogan's blog you will see several recent stories have what are essentially corrections appended to them, all of which would have been saved by simple journalism. It boils down to the fact that the blog, and others like it, are just worthless.


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Anonymous said...

yes yes yes. it's not just newspaper blogs either. most of the socalled political blogs are guilty of the same thing.