Friday, November 17, 2006

Cherie Booth QC in 'Bad' book

It's only right that since Lauren Booth is being used to puff Jamaican dancehall music (see below) her sister Cherie Booth/Blair shouldn't be left out as a vehicle of commerce.

The wonderful writer Susan Hill writes ... "Ooh, can we send you a PR puff for the launch party of HEROINES: THE BOLD, THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL by JESSICA RUSTON. There are goodie bags and one of the contributors is.. er... Cherie Booth QC."

Susan's site link below left for more details. Can Madame Arcati come (she has many disguises ...)? Or at least have a goodie bag?

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Susan Hill said...

Madame Arcati will be very welcome indeed.. we will send her an invitation. If she would like to e-mail me her address/an address one will be in the post...