Thursday, November 16, 2006

Michael Jackson: Insania

A source (X) at the World Music Awards last night eye-witnessed the Michael Jackson debacle firsthand. "He seemed to start well but after a few lines he dried up like he lost his confidence," he reports. "I think his self-esteem or self-belief is rock bottom."

X was astonished at the sheer hysteria of the Earl's Court audience. "Perhaps Jacko's sick psyche appeals to the barmier pop fans, they identify with his dysfunctional soul. It was the sort of atmosphere you might expect at a religious meeting, at an evangelical happy-clappy service or something."

X was also struck by the weirdness of many of Jacko's fans. A professional photographer said to X: "Send my blessings to Michael." Then later, after Jacko was booed off stage, a fan in his 50s explained to X: "He couldn't continue because there was a terrorist threat." There wasn't. He just felt the need to protect Michael.

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