Monday, November 06, 2006

Jasper: not many dead

Jasper Gerard’s column for the Observer is not exactly setting the world alight – his second effort has elicited just three reader response comments so far this week to its website. One from someone who's had enough of the paper.

It’s one thing to be stimulating, another to be controversial. But to be dull is unforgivable.

His views are of the auto-tired-of-life sort that appeal to too many editors who live in their scrotal sacs: you can almost see the Guinness froth popping away on Jasper’s nose hairs as yet another gouty moan at modernity slips out with the halitosis. This week: Jackson Pollock – “bollocks”. Muslim faith schools – more-or-less bomb them. Celebs who survive scandal like Kate Moss and Tom Cruise – ooh, deary me!

Views that could have happily sat in the Mail, Sunday Times, Telegraph, etc etc. Off to Saga mag with you, Jasper. And take your right-wing, war-loving editor Roger Alton with you.


kenny said...

Nasty racism in his piece today (12/11/06) about the footballer Freddy Eastwood.

I have written to the Observer's editor to complain.

Arcati said...

Thanks - the piece in question contained racist remarks about gypsies. First, Gerard should be fired and sent back to the Sunday Times catalogue where he belongs. Second, the Observer editor Roger Alton should be fired for unsuitability in the role.