Thursday, November 16, 2006

A King fan writes ....

A writer called Ali Karim has left a message on my Stephen King post below. He thinks it's badly written, among other things. He was at the same party and had a mighty fine time. My own reply is this:

Thank you Mr Karim for your literary review though I would suggest that my report is more likely to keep one awake than your own long, long fan letter on your blog.

Merely alluding to a conversation with Mr King is no substitute for telling your public what was actually said. Perhaps you have no recollection. Did he say anything news-worthy, for instance? Or maybe you fell asleep half way through?

In the interests of balance you can read his soporific hymn to King at Rap Shit, I mean Sheet.


Ali Karim said...

Dear Madame A,

Your rudeness and lack of writing ability is amusing.


Anonymous said...

Ali, I see that you are a company director and that you trade in gas.