Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Haslam: He snogged Paris Hilton?

A gorgeous person called Fish sends me the following message on our idol Nicky Haslam:

I called him the next day (after drunkenly proposing down the phone to him the night before) and he claims to have snogged Paris outside The Ivy. Apparently, the pap got pics, but I've only managed to locate three pics and none involve snogging. Also, a little tidbit - his memoirs are not going to be called Writing On The Wall. They're going to be released in two installments. The first will be titled "There and Then" and the second "Here and Now" - definitely more Nicky-esque titles. He is indeed a most intriguing character, and a fantastic laugh with the sharpest wit I know. I would be interested to know more of your views on Nicky, if you're willing to share - drop us a line.

That I shall Fish. Oh yes ....


Fish said...

It's the weirdest, most wonderful thing to finally find people who talk about Nicky. For the past two years, whenever I had a Nicky-related outburst (every ten minutes or so) people sort of stared blankly. So cheers for posting what you have so far.

Idol, you say? Couldn't agree more - after two and a half years of looking him up, I was beginning to think there was something very wrong with me.

Arcati said...

Hello Fish, why don't you tell Madame Arcati more about Nicky - why are you so close to him? Do you have an email address?, I can't see it on your sites and MySpace gets complicated.

I loved Nicky's review of Vidal's new memoirs in the Spectator the other day. He's such a very fine writer ... I say idol: perhaps I mean, an intense object of curiosity. I have a feeling he will live to 101. Tell him.