Thursday, November 23, 2006

Pete Burns ... in "Hitchcock movie"!

The very welcome rise and rise of pop divo Pete Burns into a TV fixture continues with new reality show Pete Burns Unspun . This is what we can look forward to ...

A man pays Pete Burns' bail and moves in with him, thinking he owns him. "This is like a Hitchcock movie," says Burns. "I feel as though somebody's disemboweling themself in front of me." The plot thickens considerably in Pete Burns Unspun, WOW's real-life melodrama with the former Dead or Alive frontman, airing November 30 on the UK's Living tv.

And to see the trailer, click this link.

PS: I really do think that Simon Cowell should get Pete on The X Factor as a judge to replace Sharon Osbourne. To my mind she nearly saved herself from advised dismissal last week with her reported tantrum at Chris Tarrant - who'd make a sarky remark about Ozzy's articulacy - but since this wasn't broadcast it doesn't count. She's grown dull with the effort of keeping up the fake cutie-pie persona - Pete would reintroduce the nuclear option.


Broken Biscuits said...

What a refreshing post indeed.

Pete Burns would be an electric judge to have on X Factor, Sharon Osbourne's insincerity is slowly driving me round the twist.

Anonymous said...
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