Friday, November 17, 2006

Tony Blair's sis-in-law: a Jamaican invite

I'm in a TV mood at the moment - it must be the low cultural influence of Stephen King and his band of trainspotters who happen to run online fawning fansites. How are you today, Mr Karim?

Did you see Make Me A Supermodel last night? Albert, the Stepford Stag, won - and he certainly looks the part of catwalk king. A surfer Jesus. As "large" Jen was voted off, the camera jumped to the panel and we spotted Tandy and Rachel smiling in relieved joy. How graceless. All those white teeth of victory. The Vogue-reading conformist twats had had their way at last. This on the day that yet another model has died of malnourishment. See the red-tops.

And to I'm A Celebrity ... I received this PR puff today from a company trying to ride on the musical tastes of Tony Blair's sister-in-law, Lauren Booth. Here it is:

Jungle star Lauren Booth is a dancehall queen! On last night’s smash hit TV show, ‘I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!’, Tony Blair’s sister-in-law suddenly proved her roots credentials with an extraordinary and spontaneous medley of Jamaican dancehall classics – ‘Wa-Do-Dem’ by Eek-a-Mouse, Yellowman’s ‘Zungguzunggugguzungguzeng’ and ‘Here I Come’ by Barrington Levy.

All these tunes are on Greensleeves Records, the label that next year celebrates its 30th anniversary at the cutting edge of Jamaican music. Says Clive Dickenson, Greensleeves’ General Manager: “We were staggered to realise that Lauren has such a deep love of dancehall and maybe when she’s out of the jungle Lauren would like to suggest some tunes she’d like as part of our celebrations. In the meantime, she gets our vote to be the jungle queen, too.” For further information:

Rob Partridge
Coalition PR
020 8987 0123

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Susan Hill said...

oooh can we send you a PR puff for the launch party of HEROINES. THE BOLD, THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL by JESSICA RUSTON, ? There are goodie bags and one of the contributors is.. er... Cherie Booth QC