Sunday, November 05, 2006

Indy: More bunnies!

The Independent's ravenous preoccupation with eating bunnies is further illustrated in its Sunday edition today. The paper's hideous foodie hack Skye Gyngell is asked by a meat-masticating reader:

Q. I find it hard to find good-quality farmed rabbit. Can you help? Richard Mantell

A. We get all our rabbit from Albert the grouse man who works for Allen & Co, the butchers on Mount Street in London's Mayfair. If he can't get it for you himself, he'll know who can. You can reach him on tel: 07986 542 728.


Anonymous said...

Interestingly, Madame A, I get my bunnies (when available)up here in Northumberland from my next door neighbour John Abercrombie. As well as being the village carpenter and undertaker he is a crack shot with the .22.
Incidentally, no bunnie suffered in the composition of this comment

Arcati said...

How can you eat a lovely furry bunny? - yes, I'm talking to you Mr David "Banky" Banks, ex-editor of the Mirror etc! Bunnies have lovely soft fur and wet noses - it's like eating (pussy) cat but without the purr. Think of their lovely floppy ears suddenly dead because some horrible foodie tart on the Indy wants her fucking sprouts accompanied by some meaty stew.