Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Record Of The Day Awards

At London's 100 Club last night for the little-known Record Of The Day Music Journalism and PR Awards 2006 - a knees-up just for hacks and spinners - a man in the corner sat ignored (unnoticed, unrecognised, unannounced, boo hoo!) by the creme de la creme of UK music journalism until it was his turn to present an award. Up he got and ... it was only Coldplay's Chris Martin! Dear oh dear! Gwyneth would have had them going.

My congratulations to NME's Conor McNicolas for winning Editor of the Year. Make the most of it, deary. With NME's fast-falling sales your migration to the compensations of a broadsheet cannot be far away.

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Susan Hill said...

Well absolutely TOP MARKS to Chris Martin for not being surrounded by minders wearing shades and walki talkies, for not saying 'don`t you know who I am ?' for not pushing himself forward... he leaps up in my estimation - not that he was low or anything, I had no estimation of him as I know nothing about him aside that he is Mr Paltrow and in Coldplay.. but this puts the lot in the shade.