Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ashley: 'I saw nothing'

April Ashley has written again on the subject of Duncan Fallowell's claim that her book The First Lady was a rip-off of his book ....

Dear Madame Arcarti,
Thank you for your reply that was very nice of you. I had rung Duncan but he did not return my call which I found odd as our freindship goes back about 40 years. I knew something was wrong as Douglas Thompson [her ghost] would not forward me anything that he had written and I kept warning him not to sound to like "The Odyssey" - to no avail how stupid can one be?????????//

Again thank you for your very kind thoughts.


In my reply, I suggested she write her own book in future and advised her to read Rupert Everett's brilliant memoirs, Red Carpets & other Banana Skins - funny, vivid and true. April wrote back...

I read Rupert's serial in the "Daily Mail" and it brought back memories of him almost killing us both in Edinburgh when he was taking corners at 60 MPH in a small car but he was adorable.


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