Thursday, June 07, 2007

Blair and Africa - VF gives him a miss

Vanity Fair's new issue is guest-edited by Bono and dedicated to Africa with 20 different covers of celebs who have contributed a great deal to the continent, even including President Bush! Editor Graydon Carter is asked where's Blair on the covers - whose great work for Africa was supposedly celebrated recently with the valedictory tour. He explains flatly to the Independent that Blair's name never came up once on anyone's proposal list. How articulate is an omission.

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Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Blair, in fact I'm pleased his sanctimony has failed to attract attention in this instance, but clearly editorial nous is in short supply at VF these days if Bono is thought to be circulation viagra.
Rolling Stone, maybe - musos/saddos will buy it because his name's on the cover.
Surely, though, VF has a discerning readership that needs a little more than the nauseating 'spend on Amex/feed up Africa' mantra to make them feel they're activists for a fairer future?