Sunday, June 17, 2007

Kit Kat Dolls - Britain's Got ... Hookers!

I weep for the "gender bender band" Kit Kat Dolls - the News of the World front page story informs me they've been kicked off ITV1's Britain's Got Talent just because three of them (just the three?) are "hookers"! One of them offered sex to one of Mazher Mahmood's undercover reporters for £1000 - now that's a bargain. Coincidentally, I received a letter this morning from a dear friend:

Hello Madame

Just back from a party where I was astonished to be told that the Kit Kat
Dolls were pulled from the Britain has talent [sic] program at 5pm before the show
last night.

I was amused to find out who they were as we know a few of them. We were
getting texts the whole afternoon to vote for them. Not having seen the program I was wondering what this was all about. It all became clear at this party we went to.

I am sure a few of their clients with dull girlfriends must be sweating! One "lady" A-[male name deleted] is a someone we have dined with on numerous occasions.

Here is their bit on YOUTUBE [click here]

Could be amusing for the blog

Hope you are well

Your Ever Loving Spy x


The Daughter-of-a-Bitch said...

"Your Ever Loving Spy x"

Some people have a funny job. How much do you pay for that nauseating crap, Madame?

Arcati said...

Send me a decent story and you'll soon find out, honey chile. Now run along to church and eat Jesus.

The Daughter-of-a-bitch said...

I am very expensive, I warn you. But you wouldn't like the "decent stories" I could send you, 'cause all of them are about you, and I'd have much more to say than you might think...

Arcati said...

Mmmm, yum yum, don't get me going, you Jasper 'Ho

Duralex said...

Hoooo, Daughter, are you threatening my sweet Madame ?

surfpup said...

Bin tossin meself senseless over dem Kit Kat Dolls - man, dey roool da world

Duralex said...

<< Now run along to church and eat Jesus. >>

You'll surely say I'm a little late (in french we say "avoir l'esprit de l'escalier") but... hum, hum...
In my (always humble) opinion, you might yourself be in a virtual church, eating a virtual Jesus much more than you seem to be aware of. The kind of gossip you prefer, the so-called scandals you choose to bring to light almost every day (adultery, prostitution, homosexuality, buggery, etc.) are implyingly referring to sexual repression and moral order, and we all know where this hard to kill disaproval comes from, don't we ? A long time ago, someone pointed out your post-victorian spirit. I think this is quite true, or at least that your position is disturbingly ambiguous and should be questioned.

Well, I'm a very free guy and a hopeless rationalist, you know. If I have to eat Jesus, please let it be roasted, with fried onions, french fries and Grey Poupon. :-)

Arcati said...

An interesting thesis, duralex. Or perhaps I know a good story when I see one ....

Duralex said...

<< An interesting thesis, duralex. >>

Thank you, chérie, I knew you would appreciate.

<< Or perhaps I know a good story when I see one ... >>

I have no doubt that your stories are good enough for the huge crowd of silent crypto-bigoted cyberghosts who haunt your blog. :-)

But tell me, you're dodging the question, aren't you ?